Benefits of Parsortix system

The Parsortix system is simple, effective and affordable

  • Captures a high proportion of CTCs
  • Can be used with all solid tumor cancers (including breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal)
  • CTCs can be easily harvested (recovered from system) for analysis
  • High purity of CTCs (i.e. very low background contamination from white blood cells) allowing direct molecular analysis of harvested cells
  • Very simple operation with minimal user intervention required


System does not use antibodies to capture cells

  • Antibody systems miss key target cells such as mesenchymal cells
  • Antibody systems do not work well for some cancers such as ovarian cancer
  • Antibody systems are complicated and expensive


System does not use membranes to capture cells

  • Membrane systems can clog up and have high background contamination
  • Membrane systems cannot easily harvest CTCs for analysis