How the Parsortix System Works

The Parsortix system from ANGLE uses a patented micro-fluidic technology in the form of a disposable cassette to capture and then harvest circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood. The cassette captures CTCs based on their less deformable nature and larger size compared to other blood components.


Disposable Cassette

The disposable cassette is placed in a clamp, and the Parsortix system then automatically processes the patient sample.


Parsortix System

CTCs are caught on a step that criss-crosses the microscope slide sized cassette.


Captured cells can be fixed and stained in the cassette to allow in-cassette identification and enumeration…

Captured cells

or alternatively can be recovered (harvested) to allow external staining and/or genetic analyses such as qPCR or sequencing

Recovered cells

The Parsortix system is CE marked for use as an in vitro diagnostic device in the EU.

The system is available for research purposes in the US, but does not have FDA approval for clinical purposes.